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Other Brand Phone Repairs

Mobile phones have embedded themselves in our lives.  They enable the smooth transfer of data, connectivity and very personal communications.  It’s no wonder we’ve all become addicted to them!  So regardless of your brand – just try and live without it!

BuzzTech stocks a large variety of parts for many common brands of mobile phone.  The parts we don’t carry can be easily couriered down from Melbourne.

Common brands we look after include

  • Sony
  • HTC
  • LG
  • Motorola

BuzzTech has been designed to conveniently fix these brands so you can reengage with the people and opportunities important to you.  Our top quality service and superior product knowledge means, in most cases, your mobile phone may be fixed in 1-2 hours if parts are in stock.  Some repairs may take longer because of inherent design specifications.

Common problems we fix include

  • Broken screen,
  • Faulty buttons,
  • Damaged cameras,
  • Poor battery life,
  • Inadequate reception,
  • Damaged ports or jacks.

We have a No-Geek-Speak Policy.

It’s in everyone’s interests if our customers understand what is wrong with their mobile phone and what needs to happen to fix them.  So our no geek-speak policy means all of our customers stay informed about their devices so they know what to expect.

We train our techies to communicate on a personable level with customers and to leave the techno babble for the back room.  After all, we can’t ask them to drop it completely – it’s who they are and we love them for it!  Without their enthusiasm, BuzzTech wouldn’t be able to quickly assess and repair the number of phones we do in a day.

No Appointment Necessary

So, just bring in your damaged phone, regardless of the brand, and we’ll see what we can do.

Just Bring It In!