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Mobile phones and tablets are an essential part of life these days.  They keep us connected to friends, family and colleagues, store our memories, entertain us and enable information to reach us when and where we choose.  Consequently, maintaining a properly functioning device enables us all to be in the loop and in the know.

Common Phone Problems

BuzzTech is the Surfcoast’s premier tablet and mobile phone repair destination.  Our skilled staff can efficiently repair or replace the most commonly damaged elements of many popular brands of mobile or tablet.   So if your screen is smashed, ON/OFF button is faulty or your battery isn’t as effective as it used to be, our BuzzTech team will sort you out quickly so you can reconnect to your world.

Water is Public Enemy Number 1.

Wiring and water don’t mix!

If your mobile phone or tablet have come into contact with water – DON’T DELAY!!!

Bring it in fast!

Often, if you can get your device to us within 12 hours, we have a good chance of fixing it for you.  It’s not just a matter of drying it out so don’t try it yourself! And – Rice does not work!  Your stored contacts & pictures are too precious.  We will professionally disassemble, clean & sterilise your device and do our best to restore its functionality.  If this is not possible, we’ll do our best to retrieve your data.