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Mobile phones have become the lifeblood of friendships, associations and commerce.  With each phone giving the owner the ability to text, call, comment and participate in emails, SMSs, social media chat rooms and websites it’s no wonder we’ve all become addicted to them.  So regardless of your brand – just try and live without it!

At BuzzTech, we stock a wide range of replacement parts for various brands of mobile phone.  Some parts may need to be couriered in from Melbourne.

Common brands we look after include –

  • Sony
  • HTC
  • And more…

We’ve designed our business to conveniently fix these makes and models quickly so you can reconnect to the people that are important to you.  Our superior service and expert product knowledge means your device will often be fixed in 1 – 2 hours if parts are in stock.  Repairs to some phones may take longer as they require extra adhesive curing time.

Common problems we fix include –

  • Broken screen,
  • Faulty buttons,
  • Damaged cameras,
  • Poor battery life,
  • Inadequate reception,
  • Damaged ports or jacks.

Our Buzztech technicians are efficient and skilled at repairing all of these common problems and can see that your favourite device’s properties are restored to full functionality.

We’ll speak your language.

Sometimes, techies get a little carried away with techno babble.  It’s a language our techs speak fluently but we understand not all consumers do.  Let’s face it – you just want your phone to work, right?

We get it.  So we are very clear to our techies about how to communicate with our customers – use English!  We want you understanding the nature of the problem with your phone, the parts required, how long it will take and how much it will cost.  With this information, in English, you can then make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed with the repair.

No appointment necessary

So, just bring in your damaged phone, regardless of the brand, and we’ll see what we can do.

Just Bring It In!