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Custom Phone Cases

Thinking Individually Printed Mobile Phone Cases?

Think BuzzTech!

Everyone has an image that makes them feel uplifted, unique, proud or fulfilled. So don’t keep it private on your home screen…

Show The World!

Personalised Phone Case Designs

Your Photo Printed On Your Very Own Mobile Phone Case!

Do you have a photo of –

  • Your amazing children,
  • Your loving partner,
  • An awesome parent or grandparent,
  • Your gorgeous pets,
  • A wonderful achievement or
  • A time when you just felt awesome?
  • Or how about business branding?

Send it to BuzzTech and we’ll print it on your mobile phone case. Seeing it will light you up each and every day.

Looking For That Special Gift?

Or simply choose any design you love and we’ll put that on your new case.

Sneakily send us a photo your special someone loves and we’ll take care of the rest.

Contact Us To Print Your Photo!

Don’t Tattoo Your Body, Tattoo Your Mobile Phone Case!

Give it that unique stamp that shows everyone – This Phone Belongs to You!

  • Favourite Rock Bands
  • Football Heroes
  • Sporting Teams
  • Tennis Stars
  • Music Idols
  • Formula 1 Drivers
Business Custom Printed Phone Cases

Business Owners

Think of the brand recognition you can create by having your work phones carrying your logo and creating interest wherever your staff go.

This is brand awareness and proud endorsement working in tandem.

If you’ve left your business cards in the other jacket, your new contact can take a photo of your phone case!

It’s So Easy…

Send your images to email address or bring them in on a USB and we’ll print them before you can say…

“Wow… check out this selfie with my bestie!”

BuzzTech is your One-Stop-Shop for Individually Printed Mobile Phone Cases.

Simply send us the digital photo and you’ll soon be accessorised to the max.

Kids custom printed phone cases

If you can send us a digital image, we can print it on a mobile phone case. Imagine how you’ll stand out from the crowd!

Individually printed mobile phone cases are fast becoming the trend so join the club and get involved.

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