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We have stores in Geelong, Torquay, Colac, Warrnambool & Mount Gambier

We offer the best repair service you can rely on!

Buzztech provides Warrnambool the biggest range of repair services for your devices. If you bring your device to us immediately, common repairs would usually take about 5-15 minutes. You can drop in we’ll repair your device while you wait – without compromising quality service!

Buzztech Warrnambool can help you with the following:

Phone and Tablet Repairs

  • iPhone repairs
  • Samsung phone repairs
  • Other phone brands
  • iPad repairs
  • Other tablet repairs
  • Water damage

If the parts you need are on-stock, it will only take us around 2-4 hours to repair your device. You can ensure that we’ll do our best to salvage your device, regardless of its damage. We have the resources and the expertise to give that you!

Spare Parts and Top Quality Repairs

Buzztech Warrnambool has a full range of spare parts for Samsung, Apple and other device brands for repairs – this means that we repair fast! We don’t need to outsource other materials outside so you can guarantee that your device is attended to and repaired ASAP. Our technicians are trained and are also updated with the latest device models in the markets.

So if your phone or tablet has:

  • Buttons that don’t work;
  • Camera with broken or cracked lens;
  • Complicated software to navigate;
  • Screen is smashed;

..bring your device to us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with any or even all of these problems! We’ll be working immediately with your device the moment you bring it to us.

Water Damage

Here’s our little advice when handling your wet device – most of the hacks you found on the internet doesn’t work, and it will only worsen your problem. We wouldn’t recommend you doing any of it. If you want your device to be salvaged, bring it to us immediately. It will usually take us around 12 hours to salvage your wet device once you give it to us right away but if your device was wet with saltwater, your chances are slimmer, you have to act fast for us to save your device. Our technicians have years of experience handling these type of problems so they’ll be the best persons to do the job for you.

Top Quality Service

Here in Buzztech Warrnambool, we have the parts and the expertise you need to ensure that your device will be in tiptop shape. We’ll exert substantial time and effort to give you professional advice about your device’s health.

We’re a referral-based business which means that we strive to give you service exceeding your expectations so you can also recommend us to your friends and family. Buzztech is the perfect combination of fast and reliable service. Just remember, the sooner you contact us for any issues you have with your device, the faster for us to look for ways on how to resolve these. We’re you’re one-stop shop when it comes to your device, and we’ll make sure that you’ll get the best service!