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Water Damage

Worried that your wet tablets and mobile phones will not work anymore? Go ahead and contact Warrnambool Buzztech right now!

When your device gets wet, the impurities can gradually get through your device’s electronics, worsening the problem you currently have. You should avoid getting into this phase because when this happens, your devices can be permanently disabled and all of your data will be lost. If you don’t want any of this to happen, here are our pieces of advice for you:

  • Don’t turn on your device: it may be very tempting to check if your device still works or not but turning on your device will cause more harm than good. The power speeds up the damage and can short-circuit your device. If your device is still turned on after being wet, immediately remove the battery and turn the device off.
  • Don’t try the rice hack: You’ve been told to bury your device in rice just to absorb the water, but this doesn’t work. Rice is not a drying agent and will never help in making your device dry. The grains of rice will only get into your device’s little areas!
  • Don’t try anything by yourself: The internet can be a goldmine for saving your wet device on your own but most of the time, it doesn’t work and can only make your problem spiral into bigger ones. It’s best that you leave this job to the experts.

Bring your device to us now!

Yes, your device is wet, and you might be scared that this will be your worst nightmare. You don’t have to worry because we, at Warrnambool Buzztech can do these for you:

  • The faster you can bring your device to us, the more chances your device can be saved. If it was dropped in salt water, don’t even think about stopping for coffee – get on your feet and give your device to us immediately!
  • We know how important your data is that’s why we’ll be spending substantial time and effort to save all of your videos, photos, contacts, music – everything you’ve been using your device with.
  • We’ll not recommend you to do home remedies for you to save your device as this will only worsen your problem. Once you decide to bring your device to us, you can guarantee that this will be handled by trained technicians.
  • It’s best to bring your device to us as soon as possible. We’ll evaluate it quickly for you to know if a salvage operation can yield positive results for you.