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Keeping your mobile phone and tablet operating at peak performance simply makes your life easier. These devices have become part of our DNA and are now so much more than simple entertainment or connection tools. These days they store our memories, enable contact with friends, family and colleagues, keep us informed and yes, they still enable connectivity and entertainment.

So it just makes sense to keep such a valuable part of our lives functioning at optimal levels.

Many Common Problems Fixed in Under 30 minutes

BuzzTech is Colac’s favourite tablet and mobile phone repair destination.  Our team of highly trained techs can efficiently repair or replace all the commonly damaged elements of the most popular brands of tablet or mobile.   So if your power jack is faulty, your software is out of date or your screen looks a spider’s web just bring it in and let our techs deal with it.  We’ll reconnect you to the things that matter in your world and get you on your away fast.

Technology and Liquid Don’t Mix!

Has your mobile or tablet been immersed in a bathtub, lake or sink full of water?- DON’T DELAY!!!

Bring it in fast!

Bring it to us within 12 hours and we’ll have a very good chance of fixing it for you.  Don’t waste precious time trying questionable home solutions that are not likely to work.  Repairing water damage is not just a matter of drying the phone or tablet.  It must be delicately dealt with so your data and photos stand a chance of surviving.  The Buzztech team will quickly take it apart, carefully dry, clean and sterilise the unit and do our best to restore its functions.  If it is beyond repair, we’ll do our best to recover your data.