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Water Damage

If your tablet or mobile phone has sustained water damage

Bring it in fast!

The impurities in the water get to work very quickly on corroding your device’s wiring.  Once this process has begun it can be very difficult to undo the damage.  Your device could be disabled and your data lost. So…

Don’t Delay!

Also, do not plug in your device.  This activates the components and may spread the damage.  Just remove it from the water quickly and get it to us ASAP.  The sooner we have it, the sooner we can look at it to give you an assessment of whether or not it’s worth repairing.

If you choose to repair, we can quickly dissemble it and place the parts in a special solution that removes the impurities.  Next, we dry it in a controlled environment before reassembling it.

If you choose not to repair, we will try to savage your data.

We Know How Important Your Data Is!

No doubt you’ve spent considerable time and effort accumulating your photos, videos, contacts, audio books and your compilations of music.  We know – so have we!  So the absolute worst thing you can do if your phone or tablet has been compromised by water is to try to fix it yourself with rice or other home remedies that don’t remove the impurities.

Bring it in and our experts will assess your device and get you sorted soon by fixing it or trying to salvage the data.

You’ve got 12 Hours!

If your device has been dropped in fresh water and you get it to us within 2 hours there’s a 99% chance we can save your data and restore your device.  Beyond that timeframe the chances of recovery drop.  For saltwater there is even less time.

But don’t give up!

Even if it takes up to 12 hours to get it to us you should try!

We still may be able to recover data and save the device!  It depends on how long it was exposed to water, whether it was fresh or salt and how extensively it entered the electronics.

Just bring it in!  Fast!

We’ll assess it quickly and let you know if a salvage operation is worthwhile.