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iPhone Repairs

We understand how you’re affectionate with your iPhone – you do everything with this little device, and without it, life would be unbearable. If you’re facing any problem with your iPhone, bring it to us, and we’ll repair it to you within 15 minutes. We have the adequate supplies and experience to do the job for you!

We’re the leading iPhone Repair Specialists

You never have to worry about your iPhone not being with you in the coming years. Whatever problem your iPhone might have, we at Buzztech Warrnambool can repair that. We can repair:

  • Battery replacement: we’ll install a new one while you wait.
  • Charging ports and headphone jacks: we’ll simply install new ones for your convenience.
  • Front and back cameras: we’ll fix or replace as required.
  • Poor reception: we’ll work on fixing your internal antenna.
  • Power and sound buttons: we’ll replace these right away.
  • Screen replacement: a very common issue requiring a very simple solution.
  • Software issues: we’ll work out what to do.

Or whatever problem your iPhone might have, we’ll be there to fix it immediately. Just bring it to us, and we’ll strive to work in ensuring that your iPhone can continually give you that satisfactory performance in the coming years.

We regular repair these iPhone models:

  • iPhone 4s and iPhone 4
  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5
  • iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus

We know who your best friend is

You treat your iPhone as a necessity that’s why you want to make sure that it’ll perform at its optimal. You can’t imagine life without, and we know why. We get how precious this device is to you. So when you feel like your iPhone needs a little TLC, drop by Buzztech Warrnambool, and we’ll give you the best service your iPhone deserves. You don’t have to worry about surviving a single day without your iPhone!

We’re trained professionals for your repair needs

All of the technicians who’ll be working with you are professionals who have years of experiencing in what they’re doing. They are the best persons to look at your iPhone, and you can trust that whatever advice they might give you, are based on thorough investigation and expertise. We’re confident that no matter what your iPhone’s problems are, we can repair it within days and even hours! We’re confident that we’ll get your iPhone repaired the first time that we’ll back each part used in the repair with a six month guarantee.

We’ll be informing you of any process throughout the repair in plain English, and in no way, we’ll geek-speak with you. We strive that you’ll be fully-informed all the time.