Here’s the golden rule if your tablet or mobile phone has sustained

water damage –

Bring it in fast!

Despite the term, generally speaking it is not the water that is doing the damage.  It is the impurities in the water that cause the corrosion that disables the device.  This is why home-made remedies like pouring rice on the device don’t work.  Rice may soak up the moisture, however the impurities will remain.

Do not plug in your device!

Don’t Delay!

The sooner you bring in your mobile phone or tablet the sooner we can pull it apart and bathe the components in a special solution that will remove the corrosion causing impurities. Then we dry it in a controlled environment to ensure there is the maximum chance it will work when reassembled.

Don’t put it in rice!  It doesn’t work!

We Know How Important Your Data Is!

Living without your precious photos, music, videos, audio books and contacts would cause you significant inconvenience.  We get it.  So don’t waste valuable time trying to fix your phone or tablet yourself.  Bring it in fast and we’ll let you know on the spot if we think we can salvage the device and/or the data.

Our experienced technicians will assess your device and get you sorted soon one way or the other.

You’ve got 12 Hours!

If you can get your device to us within 2 hours, in most cases we can return its functionality and save your data.  Beyond 4 hours, the chances of restoration diminish quickly as the impurities begin to damage the circuitry and components.

But there’s still a chance!

Even if it takes 12 hours to get it to us you should try.

It may still be possible to save the phone or tablet and recover your data.  It depends on a few variables like the length of time it was exposed to the water, how widely it penetrated the device and whether it was salt or fresh.

Just bring it in!  Quickly!

We’ll take a look at it fast and let you know if it’s salvageable.