How to Choose a Respectable Mobile Repair Company

by | Dec 2, 2017 | Uncategorized

So, it came to the point that you needed a mobile repair company. What happened? Well, chances are you got your phone wet or you’ve broken the phone screen. Regardless of the reason, considering the services of a mobile repair company is a significant decision. Unless your phone warranty or policy covers the cost of repairs, then it’s safe to assume you’ll pay for it. The cost would vary depending on the damage, brand, and model of your phone. Remember, not all cell phone companies are the same.

To avoid disappointment, or worse, getting duped, keep these tips in mind to make the right choice.

  1. Reputation

While you likely already have your choice of mobile repair companies in mind, you’ll still want one who has a good reputation. If not, then it could add to your problems rather than solve it.

  • You can get feedback from family or friends who have already used the service of a particular mobile repair company.
  • You should also check online for reviews and testimonials from previous clients. It would even give you a good idea of the types of service they’re able to provide.
  • Chances are you’ll want a shop located near you for convenience. If you can’t find any online reviews about a company, which is rare, at least you can visit their store easily. You can use this opportunity to talk to them personally.

Working with a company that has a proven track record can give you confidence and peace of mind knowing you’re putting your phone in the hands of a reliable mobile repair company.

  1. Customer Service

Aside from the skills of the technicians, it’s also a good idea to check their customer service.

  • Are they accommodating?
  • Are they respectful?
  • Do they give you that unique “customer experience”?

An upright mobile repair company won’t string you along. Moreover, the company will be honest with you about the chances of what you can expect from the outcome of a repair job.

  1. How soon can you get your phone back?

Turnaround time is critical for any phone user. Can you survive without your phone for more than three days? Probably not.

  • In general, it takes hours (and even minutes!) for an experienced mobile repair company to get the job done, depending on the issue of the phone. Some can repair your phone as quick as 10 minutes and a max time of 24 hours.
  • In some cases, a few hours of waiting time is all it takes until you get your phone back.

However, it’s best to be realistic about your expectations on turnaround time. According to the BBB, a real expert can do a while-you-wait job. However, the time might vary if heavy diagnostics are necessary for severe problems and if they’re already servicing a long line of customers.

  1. Warranty

A reputable mobile repair company offers a guarantee for the services it provides, so, be sure to ask about it.

  • The typical coverage of warranty would include parts and service. Thus, you can take the phone back if you still experience the same problems even after they’ve fixed it. Sometimes, the warranty covers the free service and parts.
  • Ask the length of time covered by their warranty. In some cases, it could even last up to a year from repair.
  • If not, then you should at least get three months on a warranty.
  1. Price point

You should shop around for prices before making your choice. Remember, each mobile repair company will have their own specific rates.

  • Collect and compare quotes then decide.
  • However, avoid the pitfall of sacrificing quality of service to save money on repairs. It’s risky as the money you saved from repairs could end up going to another mobile repair company. Why? Because your first choice wasn’t able to do the job right.
  1. Background checks

If this is your first time to have your phone repaired, it’s always a good idea to conduct your background check and if possible, ask friends if they have been able to do business with a certain mobile repair company.

  • Look for reviews and feedbacks online about the company. This will give you an idea if the company can give you an exemplary service.
  • Ask friends who have sent their phones for repair. Ask what companies they prefer and why. You can also have an idea of what to expect.


These factors can help you evaluate a mobile repair company to fix your damaged phone. Remember, careful consideration beforehand will give you a better chance of getting your phone back and nearly good as new.