What To Do If You’ve Just Broken Your Phone Screen

by | Dec 2, 2017 | Uncategorized

A broken phone screen is just as bad as a dead battery. Some users might even consider it the worst thing that could happen to their phone. Many would say it’s a death sentence since it would hamper everything they need to do with their phone.

Your selfies could look strange. How will you manage to watch Netflix while you’re on the go? It can even get in the way of reading SMS and emails.

Once you’ve broken your phone screen, there is no turning back. So, you need to consider your next steps.

Begin by getting some composure. Acceptance is best according to the CrowdedBrain.

Remember, crying or getting mad over what’s happened is futile. You should start to consider your options since you wouldn’t want to waste more time using a cracked phone screen.  To help you get started, here are tips:

  1. Assess the damage

How bad is it? Look at your phone and evaluate the functions you can still do with it despite the broken screen.

  • Are you still able to read SMS or emails?
  • Can it still allow you to call?
  • Are there splinters?
  • How big are the cracks?

If the cracks are small and don’t interfere too much with your ability to read what’s on the screen, then you might be able to live with it for a while. It’s also the best option for you in case your contract will end soon. However, if the cracks are large and you notice dead pixels on the screen, then you might be facing your worst fears. This kind of damage usually requires major repair.

  1. Time to salvage data on your phone

Dead pixels or any abnormalities on the broken screen would indicate the problem might be the LCD panel already. At this point, backup your files and photos. If you need to send your phone away for repairs then at least you have a copy of your files with you.

  1. Check your coverage

Read your phone insurance policy to check if a broken phone screen is covered due to accidental damage. If you had a foresight when you bought the plan, then pat yourself on the back. It means you can get your phone screen fixed without having to shell out cash.

However, if you didn’t, and your warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage, then your next option is to have it repaired.

  1. Trade in or sell your broken phone

There are several websites which will pay you for your broken phone. Yes, it’s a thing now.

  • You can check out websites like Gylde and Gazelle if you’re interested in selling your broken phones. Even eBay offers this type of service!
  • You won’t get a lot of cash when you sell your broken phone, but at least, you’ll be getting something. You could use this cash to purchase a new phone, just in case professional repairs can’t revive your phone anymore.
  1. Send it out for repairs

Remember these tips if you plan to have your broken phone screen repaired by a professional.

  • Ask around for recommendations on where you can have your phone screen fixed. Talk to family and friends.
  • Check online comments from others who had to deal with a broken phone screen. You want a repair shop with a good reputation and not one that would cause considerable damage.
  • Shop around and collect repair quotes. Compare the prices given and the services covered by each quote. Remember, the amount would vary depending on your phone brand. If you happen to have a new model, then it might cost more.

If a local shop tells you the phone is beyond repair, then you’ll have to start looking for a replacement.

  1. Look for a replacement

If your phone is an old model, then you might want to consider getting a replacement.

  • Keep this in mind if the cost of repair is already close to buying a new one.
  • Don’t worry about your old phone because many cellphone technicians are willing to buy a damaged phone to maximize the parts for future client repairs.
  • Hence, you can even make some money off of your old phone.


A broken phone screen is terrible. However, it’s not the end of your world. Remember your options and consider which one best fits your situation.